Sync constantly stopping before completed


I’ve been using Insync for years to synchronize files between my various devices using OneDrive.

I’m currently experiencing an issue after re-organizing the Pictures folder on one of my Linux systems.

Insync works fine on the Linux system, it updated all of my changes on OneDrive as expected, however it’s having issues synchronizing the changes on OneDrive to my Windows computer.

When I open Insync it begins to synchronize, I can see files downloading in the feed, but then it just stops and doesn’t pick-up again. If I pause and resume Insync the process continues for about a minute and then stops again. There are no errors or conflicts in the log.

In the meantime if I make changes within a different synchronized folder (say Documents), I see those changes occur in the feed successfully, but it won’t continue working on the changes in Pictures until I pause and resume.

Is this a known issue, is there anything I can do to resolve this? I’d appreciate any help possible, thank you!

Hi @dpiccolo! Let’s see what may be happening to the Pictures folder. Could you send the logs.db and out.txt files to Here’s how to find them:

Please also include the following:

  • Complete path of the Pictures folder on your Windows computer

Thank you!

I appreciate the reply but I looked at my logs.db and found that it contains private information about my files, etc. I’d rather not share the logs.db file, so I decided to delete my synchronized files and start over, and now it’s running fine. Thanks again.

@dpiccolo No worries at all. We respect our users’ decision whether they want to share the logs or not. In this case, I am happy to know that things are running as expected. :slight_smile:

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