Sync constantly stops in source code folder

Insync is constantly stopping syncing in a particular source code folder. I have a folder that gets erased and recreated when I run a C/C++ compiler. This folder has 71 files in it. Yet the Insync stops there and says “Syncing”

When I drill down into the folder, you can see that all of the files show the green check mark like they are finished syncing. But the app never finishes. I’ve let it set there for TWO DAYS and that one folder will not sync. If I delete the folder it will sync. But when I recreate it, it syncs for days.

This is very frustrating.


Looks like it is stuck on ONE file. “cmake_install.cmake”. Which is in the “common” folder and is only 2.6KiB. Why does it get stuck on files like that all the time?

Hi @cbmeeks! Could you send your logs.db and out.txt after Insync is closed? You can email those files to with the link to this post.

Re: cmake_install.cmake - how often is this file being changed?

Quite often. Today, I went to Google Drive and manually uploaded the file and the problem went away.
This seems to be the way to fix this issue. But it’s frustrating.

So when you build software, many times the build process will delete a folder (like a “build” or “target” folder) every time. Then it will recreate the folder and drop the newly compiled files into it. This is a very common task in programming so it happens quite often.

I will send the log files in email.


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I know that this doesn’t answer your question, but I never sync source code in a cloud drive. I use a Git based cloud repository (e.g. Github, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, etc.) That way, I’m not using bandwidth on things like binaries, pdbs, or node_modules (big!). In fact, when you use distributed source control, you don’t want a clouddrive syncing because your machines might be on different branches.

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I usually put build folders in some type of ignore file so they are not sync’d. However, I would never make GitHub or any hosted environment be my one true location for my source code. My code is sync’d across several machines via Dropbox and Google Drive.

The issue I want resolved is that once the build folder is finished compiling, etc., then the files should eventually be sync’d. But they never are. I would understand rapidly removing files and putting them back can cause sync issues. But to have a folder with 70 small text files should not take 3 days to sync.

Eventually, it needs to sync.

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