Sync extremely slow


I’m having trouble with the first sync.
I am doing a selective sync of 2 folders for a total of about 3GB (upload only) but insync is painfully slow, after 6 hours it didn’t complete, also while my primary machine was uploading the file I installed insync on my laptop, apparently this causes some conflict and both my folder where deleted so I had to restart the upload, lucky I had a backup but this is not supposed to happen with a commercial product! Anyway, my biggest problem right now is the speed, I have 20MB/s in up so the connection isn’t the bottleneck, something else is, do you have a feature to remove the lock on the upload? If you don’t what can I do to fix this problem?
Both systems run Ubuntu 18.04
Thanks in advance.


How many files do you have in these two folders?


Roughly 170k. I know it’s a lot but I give up and right now I’m uploading with rclone and it’s going way better, I hope the download and sync will be faster after this.


Hi @Corxo,

We’re definitely working on sync speed improvement and I really do apologise for the trouble. :frowning:

Could you send your log files to with the link to this post? Please include the exact steps during setup on the laptop and when you noticed both folders deleted.

Thank you!


Is this because of a Google limitation? I hear that google severly rate limits to two items at a time.

Are you working on a work around to this?