Sync file to custom location

I want to sync a single file within a folder, to a custom location. With a folder I can click “Merge Into Existing Folder”, or “Inside Folder”, but this will now sync every file within that folder in the cloud. I just want to select a few of these files to sync in the custom location, but there seems to be no way to do that? The only way is to sync the top folder containing them, and then manually unsyncing all the other files. Why can I not select “Inside Folder” for induvial files? If I hit two way sync on the file, it just automatically starts syncing it in my Insync folder.

How can I achieve this? I want to merge a folder off the cloud with one on disk, but I don’t want every single file and folder within it. I want to link a top level folder to a local folder, and then select which folders/files within that folder I want sync’d. Rather than all of it.

Hi! Syncing individual items to a custom location is not yet a supported feature but I would be happy to raise this as a feature improvement. :slight_smile: Thank you for bringing this up!

Okay, is there a way for me to sync a custom location without syncing every folder/file within that folder?

Hi @Ell223,

You can sync the folder to a custom location, then unsync the ones that you do not need on your machine.

Alternately, you can move those need-to-be-synced items into one main subfolder under the parent, and sync just that one folder. We will take your feedback into consideration regarding syncing to custom location for Insync’s continuous improvement. Thank you!