Sync folders outside the insync folder using symlink


Hello, I really need to sync some folders outside the insync folder. As it is a server, i can not move my folders to the insync folder, and I also can not set the insync folder to the root of my server files.

I’m using the latest insync-headless on Ubuntu LTS Server.

So, I tried Symlinks to add the outside folder to my insync folder, and it worked at first, it queued all the files and uploaded to my Google Drive.

But after finishing the upload, the insync started to download the files back to my insync folder, making the symlink file vanish, downloading the files inside my insync folder.

How can I do this properly?

To make it more visual, I want to use the Insync folder, and also sync the FolderE and it’s files to Google Drive, over linux CLI.

|_ Insync
.,.,. |File
­.,.,. |File
|_ FolderA
­.,.,. |FolderB
­.,.,. |_FolderD


I really didn’t want to be that guy that bring up it own post… but I really need to know how to do this…