Sync frequency of local files

Are new local files sync immediately to the Google Drive? I am having issues that when I put let’s say a PDF file in a folder under the synced folder (I only sync to folders from my root), it does not sync immediately, or not even in hours, but I have to pause and resume syncing from the GUI. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Sync new children of partially synced folders automatically option is also selected btw.

I am on a KDE Neon system. My friend who has the same OS does not have any issues about this.


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Hi @usimsek,

If this is added in the Base Folder locally, then it should sync right away. Could you let me know if reinstalling Insync and the file manager integration helps to solve this issue?

Hi @miamoran,
After installing the file manager integration, it started working.
Thanks for your help!

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