Sync Ignore Rules

Current ‘Ignore Rules’ implementation saves ignore settings for each device.
It would be great to sync the list automatically.
I can imagine two possible implementations:

  1. Save settings in personal account information and restore it when logged in.
  2. Save settings in a file such as .insyncignore, and apply it when the file exists. It would be best that this file can be located in any level of directories like .gitignore implementation.

I prefer second by the way.


Hi @klara! :slight_smile: What I understand is that this feature request is intended to be applied across accounts and not just for each device, correct? :slight_smile:

For example, Account A is added on Machine 1, 2, and 3, wherein ignore rules are saved in the first device only. With either implementations you suggested, Insync will be able to apply the same rules in Machines 2 and 3. Let me know if I missed anything!

Yes, exactly!
For instance, I have PCs at home and office and both machine logged in with same OneDrive account. I created a new source code repository and added some ignore rule not to upload intermediate files at office. Later, I tried building the same repository at home and I found insync trying to upload all crappy intermediate files because I forgot to update ignore rules for machine at home which makes me frustrated.

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@klara Got it! I’ll bring this up with our product team. :slight_smile: Thank you for sending this request!

I have 4 devices now, where I have to manually keep the sync rules in sync :frowning:

Hi @birger.sp!

Thank you for raising your vote on this feature request. I have forwarded them to our engineers. We do not have an ETA on when feature requests are considered for development, but we make sure to share such changes when the time comes.

Thank you for your understanding!

I would love to see this feature.

One of the biggest reasons I bought Insync is for the ignore rules.