Sync is missing files


running insync 1.5.4 on kubuntu 16.06
since dropbox will stop supporting encrypted drives in linux i’m forced to find a new solution
installed insync and moved about 5 GB of work data including work history data trail onto one machine and waited until all shows up on 2nd linux machine
after a few days both machines show green sync marks on root folders but when comparing file structs and files using beyond-compare-4 to original parallel drop box data file structs, some files seem missing in g-drive insync folders … mostly a few levels down
while most files show the green check mark, some show the blue sync icon, but no sync seems to take place … it’s been days
in other instances some file are completely missing like files xxx.lock with file size of 17 as example
it’s impossible to babysit 5 GB of test data and hope that once the remaining 40 GB get dropped into all will be fine
i have not found any way to selectively force the files with the blue sync icons to re-sync
also it’s not clear why some of the files are simply not copied over, even it shows the green icon on the drive where the files originated
i hope it’s ok to ask for a better performance or ways to fix it at a pricetag of $30 per google drive account

a fix and or explanation to this would be highly appreciated


It’s my experience that Insync ignores all *.lock files. It seems to be a built-in behavior by design.


Hi @Ein_HexenMeister,

I’m sorry for the trouble :frowning: I’ve raised this issue to our team and will update you as soon as I can.

Could you please send your log files to with the link to this post? Thank you!