Sync Not Running

I have a user that is syncing into a large dataset, unfortunately insync has stopped syncing all files and is displaying a blue icon over the application looking like wifi signal bars

client is running on windows 7

please help

@John_Runnells The badge looking like a wifi signal :slight_smile: is currently the syncing indicator that is saying it is syncing. We will update this badge on our next update that will be push automatically.

Please let Insync run continuously.

Thank you for your understanding.

So irony of irony’s this same user of mine has bought a new computer and they are having trouble with their initial sync again, the UI is reporting no active file transfers and however the directory structure seems to have created itself it doesn’t seem to want to move any actual files its been two days and this user still doesn’t have any files just directories

@John_Runnells How’s your syncing now? If you still experiencing no syncing, send us an email to together with your logs.db and out.txt file to Include the link of this post for faster reference.