Sync only certain folders in SharePoint library


it seems that as of today I can only choose to sync a SharePoint library completely but not include/exclude certain folders like I can with my normal OneDrive. Am I missing something or can I suggest this to be implemented?


Hi! Hmm, could you send me screenshots of what that looks like on your end? You can blur out the file and folder names for your privacy :slight_smile:


All the folders in the “LV_640.030…” SharePoint lib are synched to my harddrive. I would like to exclude the “Recordings” folder. But there is no option to do this…

Hi @thht! Looks like the red “X” is affecting the selective sync feature on your end.

Could you let me know if this red X persists after reinstalling Insync? Make sure you’re on the latest version, which can be downloaded from

If it does, please check for any error messages. You can do so by going to the Home tab (1st screenshot) then Errors tab (2nd screenshot):

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Wow! Reinstalling did the trick. The libraries now have a green checkmark and I can “unsync” folders.

Thanks a lot!

I’m glad to hear that everything’s been sorted out, @thht :slight_smile: Please let me know if you need anything else!