Sync same files into different locations


I would like to have all my Google drive files both on my PC and on an external drive. Is it possible to create two base folders or is there any other solution that may work?

Thank you in advance


Hi! Currently, this is not yet supported. Insync syncs each Google Drive to a unique Base Folder via a two-way sync. Any change you make online syncs down to the local folder and vice versa. :slight_smile:

Would your use case be related to having a redundant backup of your files?

Hi Mia,

exactly, I’d like to have a redundant backup.

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As miamoran already indicated this isn’t possible now.

I do the same though and use another sync utility to keep backups of my Google drive. I use SyncBack Pro because it has a lot of features, there are many free alternatives out there too. Insync can even monitor for changes and run the sync then. Just be sure to make the regular Google drive folder the ‘master’ so that removing files or the drive doesn’t casue it to sync and remove files form the regular folder. You could use it on a schedule to periodically run and sync up. I happen to run mine manually and copy it to a BUNCH of different drives.

Another possibility is to install Insync on two different PCs and have the second PC use the external drive.