Sync unix file attributes (read, write, execute) for owner, group and others


Seems at now InSync don’t sync unix POSIX file attributes, such as read/write/execute for owner, group and others.

So if I mark some file as executable for all on one computer, it is not synced to other computer, so I must repeat this action on each computer. Same is with marking as readonly, and all other attributes.

This problem make impossible syncing some projects via InSync, that depend on file attributes - all file attributes will be lost on syncing and project will be broken.

Is this possible to store file attributes inside Google Drive API, or in separate file? If yes, can you implement sync file attributes feature?


Hi Murz, thanks for the feedback and input. Hope to learn more about this use-case and your workflow to better put into context (we as a company don’t rely on file attributes so much).

Would you be interested in participating in an “interview” with me? :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ll be happy to give an “interview” for you, I send contacts as private message.