Synced drive empty in Insync

I’m no technical guru. Computers are, IMO, a tool to make my life simpler, not a lifestyle, and I buy software accordingly - because it’s proven to work. Insync is failing me at the moment

My Google drive is synced to an external drive which I have been using for four years with no problems. When I open that external drive directly on my desktop or using Insync ( using my home machine running Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon (5.4.12), the drive appears empty - the contents are invisible - and Insync is not syncing. When I open the drive using my work laptop running Windows, however, the contents are visible. One problem with that model is I am not an admin for my work laptop, so Insync isn’t installed on it.

At this point it’s over a week out of sync, as I have been too busy to deal with software issues and have been working with required documents directly through Google. This type of glitch does not give me confidence that my files are safe.


Hi @sirenwerks!

Could you please confirm if the synced drive appears empty on the Insync UI and the file manager on the Linux machine? And to clarify: are there any error messages on this machine when you open Insync while the external drive is mounted?