Syncing downloads folder

For whatever reason InSync has started syncing everything in my downloads folder which has no attachment whatsoever to my Drive folder. I just noticed this today. I tried going in to deselect the folder but since it isn’t actually a part of my Drive folder there is nothing to sync. I looked in the feed and it says that everything in my downloads folder was added but I’ve no idea why.

tagging our engineer @jimperio for this

Is anything being done to address this issue? InSync is still backing everything up that appears in my downloads folder which is completely unattached from my drive folder.

@idontliketopickusern sorry for the delay. can you check if you can selectively unsync the downloads folder in the context menu (Right click > Insync > “Selectively unsync”)

If that option isn’t available, please send your log files to How to find the log files @jimperio

I cannot uncheck the downloads folder from “selectively unsync” since the only options to un tick are those that are located in my Drive folder. My downloads folder is located outside of that folder. I have emailed my log file to the email address listed. Thank you for your reply.