Syncing folders to a new laptop emptied and wiped those folders on Drive and across all devices


I’ve been running Insync on my old laptop for a while now, selectively syncing various work folders.

While setting up a new laptop today, I installed Insync and as ticked a few folders to “prioritise” in the set-up. These appeared on my desktop as empty folders. If necessary, I moved them to where I otherwise needed them.

Now, those folders are no longer appearing on Google Drive and I cannot access their contents. They remain as empty folders on my new laptop. Back on my old laptop, one of the folders I synced has also become empty there - as if it didn’t sync properly to my new laptop, then “synced back” as an empty folder to my old laptop. In some cases an “.eslint-trash” folder is available with the old files.

What is going on?


Hi @dan674,

First of all, I’d like to say sorry for all the hassle and the panic the file deletions have caused.

I’m investigating this case, and to allow me to help you better, I’ll be working on trying to replicate your case first.

I have a hunch that the deletion was caused by you moving your folders out and about without using our change location feature. With that, could you please let me know more details as to how you went about moving your folders from location A to location B? Did you drag and drop? Copy-paste?

If you can recall the steps you took and specific actions you did, that would be so much helpful as well!

Again, I’d like to say sorry for any disruptions and trouble this deletion may have caused :disappointed: