Syncing for <folder> is paused because it went missing

It seem that this error is new in recent versions of Insync:

Syncing for <folder> is paused because it went missing

We’ve had Insync running for multiple years on these folders and we’ve only recently begun to see this error.

FYI, we’re running on Windows 7 Pro x64. We have 8 folders where this is happening. The folders in question are actually all on alias disk drives set up using the Windows SUBST command.

At this time I also want to renew multiple user requests for Insync to provide user controlled settings to allow email notifications for all Insync events requiring user intervention. In the case of this error (Syncing paused), we have no idea how long the syncing was paused. We only happened on the problem. We’ve seen the same problem from incoming files as well. Please, please, please implement email notifications ASAP. This simply can’t be that hard and this feature will close a significant gap in the reliability of Insync.

Hi there, can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to

I emailed the logs as you instructed. FYI, I had to stop Insync to zip up these logs. I hope that stopping Insync didn’t destroy information in the logs.

Some additional background: The computer in question is automatically rebooted every night. The alias drives where these 8 folders reside are configured during the computer startup. To give Insync plenty of time for these alias drives to be established, I’ve configured Insync to NOT automatically start. Instead, Insync is started in the Scheduled Tasks and the Insync Scheduled Task is configured to trigger whenever Windows starts up plus a 10 minute delay.

I wonder, however, if Insync is honoring my configuration of not auto-starting. Also, I’ve noticed that Insync over-rides my “no auto start” configuration whenever Insync is updated to a new version.

I’ve verified that Insync IS honoring my configuration to NOT automatically start with a machine reboot. Therefore, my scheduled task to start Insync 10 minutes after a reboot is working. Despite this delay in starting Insync to allow the alias drives plenty of time to be configured, Insync is still failing to sync these folders after each reboot.

I am getting this on Ubuntu 18. How can I make it go away and make sync work?

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