Syncing for <symbolic linked folder> is paused because it went missing

Recently, I added a sub-folder to an existing folder that has been syncing via Insync for a few years. The added sub-folder is actually a symbolic link. We keep getting this error message:

"Syncing for <symbolic linked folder> is paused because it went missing"

I’ve verified that the subfolder is actually there and fully functional.

I keep opening Insync, going to the “Actions Required” and choosing “Resume Syncing”. But the error message always returns. The error always returns within a few hours, it always returns after a reboot, and it always returns after exiting Insync and restarting, and the error always returns after pausing Insync and resuming.

FYI, we’re still using Insync v1.3.24.36188 on Windows 10 Pro x64. We’ve been reluctant to upgrade because of all the problems we’ve observed other users having with subsequent versions.

Please, how do we fix this problem?

Bumping for Insync tech support.

Is there a particular reason you haven’t upgraded to 1.5.7? V1.x is no longer actively developed but 1.5.7 was always rock solid for most people. Insync 1.5.7 builds

The only reason I’ve not upgraded is because Insync itself seemed to stop offering automatic upgrades. And, I didn’t want to take a chance to picking an unstable version.

If you recommend v1.5.7 as rock-solid, I’ll happily upgrade.

Can I simply install v1.5.7 over the top of my v1.3.24.36188? Should I exit or pause Insync before installing v1.5.7?

I’ve been using 1.5.7 on several windows 10 pro machines without any noticeable issues since it’s release in April 2019. From what I gather on this forum, it’s the most stable release available. I would not recommend upgrading to v3 yet.

As far as updating, it’s been a while so I’m not exactly sure but typically I would just run the installer while currently installed insync was running. The installer handled the rest. In your case you’re skipping major version 1.4 so I’m not sure if directly to 1.5.7 is the appropriate path. Perhaps @miamoran can confirm?

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Thanks, Kyle!

@miamoran, please advise:

  1. What is the proper upgrade path for me? Upgrade from v1.3.24.36188 directly to v1.5.7? Or, from v1.3.24.36188 to some version of 1.4, then to v1.5.7? If so, which version of 1.4?

  2. And, for each upgrade, do I leave the existing version of Insync running?

Thank you for the initial input, @kyle! :slight_smile:

We didn’t deploy auto-updates from 1.3/1.4 to 1.5. This is due to the bigger changes in the UI-- we didn’t want to startle our users but instead give them a chance to go over our 1.5 UI guide before doing an update. :slight_smile:

@Jeff_S-- to answer your questions:

  1. You can jump from 1.3 to 1.5.7 :slight_smile:
  2. You need to quit your current Insync, then run the latest build.:slight_smile: