Syncing stopped

Greetings –

I am having an issue with insync recently that I hope I can get a solution to. I have a large amount of data that I use insync to backup to my google drive. I have uploaded about 4TB of data and all was continuing very nicely until the other day when my computer had some issue and a drive went offline for no apparent reason. This made insync think that I removed the folders (I can see this in the feed – it says that I removed many of the folders. This obviously was not the case and upon rebooting my machine, the folders were restored and all looked ok on my side. On the google drive, the folders were all in the trash, and I restored them, so on the google side all appears ok as well. However, here is the issue. Insync will not recognize these folders anymore and will not perform any syncing. How can I fix this? I would GREATLY appreciate this as this is ALOT of data to have uploaded, and I would very much like to not have to do this again.


@adachan We have to investigate what happened. Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to Please include the link of this post.

Please also try to restart Insync, by quitting the app and run it again. Let me know if this works.

Thank you. :smile:

Thanks for the reply. I look forward to fixing this issue. I am emailing the log files as requested now.