Syncing two machines

I am running MX Linux 23 on my desktop and two or three laptops. I first set up insync on the desktop and got everything running perfectly. Perfect sync.

Now I want to set up insync on laptops, one of which will be used at my office on a different WIFI. I installed the same version of insync on the laptop running MX Linux 23, but it will not sync. It will show changes I made to Google Drive from my home computer, but it will not sync Drive files to the laptop.

I had this set up several years ago and then updated everything and lost that capacity.

Any suggestions?

Hi @David_Allison! Could you confirm if, on the laptop, Insync’s UI shows that the files are marked with a green check? That indicates that files have been synced to your laptop.

Please also check that it is pointed to the correct base folder:

Thank you!