Syncing very slow or stalls


I am now going my plan to migrate all Insync on my computers from 1.x to 3, and facing many troubles. Some of them can be solved by myself, but this one is not.

I totally re-created syncing environment after removing mass files under 3.0.23 environment as syncing speed was so slow. I added my three Google account (for Google Drive) under usual procedure and it was successful, but file syncing is now very slow or sometimes seems stalling.

The point of this problem is that stalling syncing of large files (>100MB) seems to block syncing of other smaller files. By quitting and re-starting Insync, the symptom seems to be subdued as the status display shows progress of syncing for some files. However, the syncing soon stalls with ten or more files synced. Repeating quitting and re-starting Insync can go syncing for several minutes, but I must do repeating restarting Insync for every ten to fifteen minutes to proceed syncing.

I feel that, even in most recent version of Insync, syncing is unstable in some cases. In such cases, I tried re-starting Insync and could get through. But not in this time. I tried to make unsyncing for folders with large files inside, but the situation does not go better.
Any solution or (even temporary) idea greatly appreciated.

Here’s the spec of the computer in question:

  • Type: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3rd (2015)
  • Disk: 512GB, SSD (NVMe) with 128GB USB memory attached
    This computer has somewhat unusual environment. All area of the USB memory is allocated for my home directory. This comes from the very unique nature of this ThinkPad as the SSD of this one has a NVMe I/F in shape but communicate with AHCI protocol. Such specification is really rare and I cannot replace with a larger SSD. That’s why I operate this computer with “external” USB drive attached.
  • Memory: 8GB
  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04, with all latest patches applied
  • Insync: 3.0.23

Hi there, I apologize for this delay. Were you trying to sync these three accounts simultaneously?

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Yes, I registered three accounts nearly simultaneously and am trying to retrieve files from Google Drive in one time. Should I have synced Google account one at a time? Also I apply selective sync to stop syncing folders contains large files.

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Thanks for letting us know. We are currently collecting more info on this stuck syncing issue. Selectively unsyncing files might not work because it is already in the queue.

Can you send in your logs and the link to this post to