System tray icon does not reflect the correct status of Insync


Since version 1.4.x, Insync sometimes doesn’t have the correct system tray icon.
As shown in the following screenshot, Insync is actually syncing, but the system tray icon shows the “synced” green check mark when it should be the blue & white circle.

This has already misled my shutdown script to shut down the computer too early before everything is synced a couple of times.

Insync on Windows 7 Pro x64


Hey @Hawk,

Apologies for the experience since I know how important your shutdown script is to your workflow. I’m tagging our engineer @Rajat to take a look at this. :slight_smile:


Hey @Hawk,

Can you email us your log files at Our engineers are currently investigating the issue and this will help them. We’ll update you as soon as we find something! :slight_smile:


Logs sent in an email titled “log file for system tray icon issue and resync issue”.

This issue is difficult to reproduce. I still have no idea when it’d happen. In the logs, the issue appeared when Insync was “processing” files. But if memory serves, in the past, it also happened during active upload / download.


Received your email, @Hawk!

We’ll take note of what you said and update you accordingly. :slight_smile: