The size of the icons, depend on Insync or the OS?


Hello. The icons that show a folder is being synced or has been synced, etc looks huge. Is this a normal size of this icon? Does it depend on the OS or Insync? Can I make it a little smaller?


@Jose_Rojas: Please try the workaround on this post: Change check mark icon size in caja.


OK, there’s a complicated work around – but since this has been an issue for at least two years, are there any plans to fix it? It does make the InSync folder look ridiculous.


Hey @qwa,

What version of Insync are you using? :slight_smile:


1.5.2 - I just reinstalled having to reinstall Linux Mint after a disk failure. They weren’t huge on my previous version.


Hey @qwa,

Our engineer took note of this and will fix in the next update. :slight_smile: If you experience any more issues, just let me know here or email us at!


I notice that there has been no change to this and I’m now on version 1.5.5.