This product is NOT RELIABLE

Hi Users,

Just a mention, be very very careful when using this product as it cannot be relied upon.

I am a small business operator, and over the last year/18mo have uploaded terabytes of files from my NAS using this tool, and it has reported that they were uploaded correctly. I then unticked the box to unsync the folders locally (but leave them on Google Drive) and went about my business.

Today my NAS has failed, unfortunately I logged on only to find that most files have been deleted from my drive. My total drive usage is currently at 350GB. Less than one tenth of what it should be.

I’m talking entire infrastructure backups, business operation information, recordings and archives for the last 5y of operation for my business - an awful lot of data. Gone.

I have long been suspicious, but finally can confirm - if this information is a requirement for your business, I urge you not to rely solely on this tool. It’s a fantastic idea, but apparently the execution is not quite on the same level.

Please keep additional backups, and use this tool merely for convenience.

So sorry for the inconvenience you experience. We understand your frustration and would like to help out. Did you already send out a ticket over to If not, we recommend sending in your logs and the link to this post as well and we will prioritize investigation.
How to find the log files

Hi there,

You have asked me a number of times for logs, some of which I have sent and some of which I haven’t.

The issue there is, I have been using this product for a number of years over a number of computers, so providing logs for the exact time that things went wrong is impossible. Many of the computers I no longer have!

I think it’s really important to let people know of these problems, as the provider. While the product may work in many cases, on those rare occasions it doesnt you can potentially be landing people in an awful lot of legal trouble. If I was to be subpoenaed on behalf of a client for records around those times, I would be very exposed - and I don’t appreciate a company potentially putting me in that situation without reasonable warning - not just in a disclaimer.

As far as I know there is no tool that would guarantee reliability of backups. You have to check them regularly, backup in several places, etc.

And as I understand InSync/Google Drive/etc. were not even designed for this purpose, they are for syncing (such as between PC and phone, or team members) and sharing files.