Token has been expired or revoked

I am getting the following message quite frequently when syncing from GoogleDrive to Ubuntu Linux when using headless insync.

“Token has been expired or revoked”.

The I have been repeatedly removing and adding the account, but it will run for a little bit and then stop working with the message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @mbrannigan,

Thanks for reporting this! This is a known bug we’re trying to solve. To help us investigate this issue, please do the following once the issue pops up again:

  • Collect the 1st set of your log files (logs.db, out.txt) after Insync is closed
  • Re-authenticate your account by clicking the (+) beside your account avatar as shown here.
  • Collect the 2nd set of your log files after Insync is closed when the authentication token error message pops up again.

Send sets 1 & 2 of your logs to with the link to this post. Thank you!

I have sent this information to support. Is there any update on the fix for this? I purchased the yearly license for insync-headless specifically to synchronize Google Drive.

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Hello @mbrannigan,

This is included in our priorities given that it’s a long-standing issue already, which seems to be triggered after a system restart. I checked your email thread with my colleague, and I wanted to ask if your Google account is part of a Google Workspace?

Hi Mia

I do not believe that my account is a Google Workplace account. I do have Google One. I am unable to initialize a complete sync even when I do a fresh install of the product. Let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks for your help.

i am facing the same problem. i have a google one subscription and since yesterday i am on the basic plan using insync3-headless on my debian machine. as i had to reinstall the machine from scratch i am now trying to do the inital sync of about 1tb of data (before the crash of my machine i was using insync-headless with legacy plan, so all data exists on my local hard drive and on google drive in perfect sync). installation, adding account, base folder, etc went smooth so the sync started today in the morning. me just checkiing sync progress from time to time. in the afternoon i got the sync status: error and further investigation turned out „authentication token expired“. i was able to renew the token pretty quick as insync-headless error threatment offered me a login option. problem solved but there is still a strange feeling when will this happen again… @mia: if you are interested in log files just ask. i am willing to provide them.

@Peter_Altherr Hi! Logs would be much appreciated, please! Do send them over to your existing email thread with (or start a new one if you prefer!).