Token invalid linux debian - insync disc

Good day.
I’m getting a lot an error:

“Token Invalid” and than i have to sign-in again to google account and re-allow the permissions to access my driver, this happend 3 times now,

everytime my computer locks screen, it looks like it revoke the token.

Also i would like some help, cause its been all night and only downloaded 24 GB, i might know what the possible issue is, but i’m not an expert in linux, altho i want to learn to use linux and the only way (or best) is to simply use it.

After i sign-in-again it says: Sync and show some downloads, but it doesnt download anything, take like 30 minutes and than download just a few files.

Like 200 GB should take 3 or 4 hours max…


im using linux debian 12 (bookworm)

update 2 date

everytime and now i disable the lock screen, but it did anyway

hi, as an update, i manage to do somethings… Looks like i got it right

I did a checkup on my google account admts; revoke and re-set
i found a glitch while debbuging with google chrome activated, i uninstalled it and downloaded chromium, update && upgrade and for 1 day it looks normal, all the way no problems

i believe that was the problem since it just stopped

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Thank you for the lead, @kaaaaa!

@kaaaaa By the way, is this a Google Workspace account or a personal account?

my google is personal (@gmail)

not GW

but it worked, im not having any problem (smooth)

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Good to hear! Please feel free to post here or email me at if anything else seems out of line.

Thank you!