Tons of duplicate files.. why?


Why is this happening???

How Do I fix It?


What were you doing before this happened? Can you reproduce this behavior in a smaller test case?


Hey @Jason_Merrill,

What OS are you using and as @Hawk said, could you share with us what you did prior to the error? :slight_smile:


This seems to be also reported here: Sync Exsiting folders and files now "FOLDER (2)"

My impression is that this happens only(?) In shared folders. A very annoying bug that makes working with code a nightmare (files change name and suddenly code does not work,etc.). BTW, I use Ubuntu (diff versions across diff computers).


The linked post is quite old, and before 1.4.x was released. Insync has improved quite a bit since then, including anti-duplicate capability. It’d be helpful if OP could provide some up-to-date info.


Hey @Gorka_Navarrete,

Are you still experiencing this bug?