Top level not syncing

So I am running v3.0.23.40579 on two mac machines. my home machine syncs up all the files as needed (I am syncing my desktop folder). BUT, when I get to work, nothing is synced, I have to manually go into insync and tell it to “SYNC HERE” for the folders and files to be downloaded. I have the option “sync top level cloud items automatically” checked… so I am not sure whether this is something that I am doing wrong or is this a bug!
Please Let me know if someone else is having this issue… I emailed support but 6 days ago (and 5 days ago) and no one is answering… Kind of ironic for a company that advertises “AWESOME SUPPORT”


Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer for you. Could help if you provide more information. Is this google or one drive? personal, business, or teams? Insync support will probably respond here with the standard request to send your logs in.

User feedback on this forum is that there seems to be issues automatically syncing primarily with business and teams accounts. There’s a whole discussion about it in the 3.0.23 release thread, and probably a dozen other threads with similar issues.

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Hi @IVG so sorry for the lack of reply on Support. We might have missed your email and we apologize if this is the case.

So sorry for the confusion. The intended behaviour (auto-syncing “children” under top-level folders) was not yet implemented in Insync 3, but we have spoken to our developers and they are going to fix this in the later builds. It will behave like it did on 1.x wherein new files will auto-sync after it’s added on Drive.

Hi, can you please clarify this statement. When you say “auto-syncing “children” under top-level folders” are you referring to files/folders created in subfolders in the base directory root? There’s already an option in insync to “sync top level cloud items automatically” which appears to work. Are you saying that insync 3.0.23 doesn’t actually have the functionality to automatically pull file/folder updates made in the cloud that are not in the top level?

So what is the ETA on this implementation?! otherwise insync is falsly advertised as a sync solution… how the hell does it sync without syncing children!!! what is the point?!? I did not buy this software for manually syncing - this sync is so buggy and works even worse then the free “backup and sync” from google… it constantly stalls on random files for no reason… and now i find out that it doesn’t actually automatically sync!!!

The name should be changed to “InMaybeButUnlinkelySync”…