Trayicon (yes, again) - Arch + i3 + Polybar


The problem described here was solved using a workaround.

I always used Insync (python 2 support) without major issues. Since I updated to 3.0.27 version problems started to happen. Anyway, today I found a workaround to show the tray icon on polybar. (because sometimes it shows, sometimes not)

What I did was force insync to start after the polybar.


#!/usr/bin/env sh

# Terminate already running bar instances
killall -q polybar & killall -q insync

# Wait until the processes have been shut down
while pgrep -x polybar >/dev/null; do sleep 1; done

# Launch bar1 and bar2
polybar --reload top &
insync start &
#polybar bottom &
#polybar top-left &
#polybar top-up &

Done, now I have the tray icon on polybar.


Anyway, it would be good to fix this issue in the next release.

Can confirm this happen also with the last version 3.0.28.

Hi @edoars,

We’ll raise this to our engineers. Can you let me know if you tried the workaround by @Augusto_Morais?

I can confirm that there are still issues with the icon when using Insync 3.7 and i3wm with polybar. For me, the Insync starts up and the tray icon appear. However, I find that the tray icon likes to disappear also. Restarting i3 doesn’t seem to correct the missing icon either. What I’ve done to partially correct the issue (similar to above) is place the following into the Polybar “” file.

killall -q insync
ExecStart=–no-startup-id insync start &

These changes start Insync without issue and allow Insync to be restarted with an i3 restart. The only thing it doesn’t correct is the disappearing icon

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Hi @sugarcrisp,

Thanks very much for bumping this thread. I have forwarded your updates to our Linux team and await their response. :slight_smile: