Two Way Sync for all files and folders

Hi I just installed Insync on a PC that was previously running Windows 10. I chose the already in place “Onedrive” folder on the system’s D drive as the Insync base folder.

I’m finding all the different sync options in the Insync all very hard to follow. All I want to do is to have it keep syncing every file and folder that’s already in the “Onedrive” folder on the system’s D drive.

Is there a simple option in the app that i can do this?

Most of the folders seem to be set to “one way sync” and changing this requires me to nominate a new folder?

Sorry this is totally confusing me.


Hi @Tom_Reid!

Could you email the following to

  1. Screenshot of your Base Folder, as shown here:
  2. Screenshot of the folders synced 1-way

Please include the link to this Forums post. I am requesting that these be emailed since they might contain private information (file names, folder paths, etc). These are the initial info I need to determine the appropriate steps you have to take to setup Insync accordingly.

Thank you!