Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: tray icon shows, but no GUI


My Linux box at work has just been upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. After reading many other threads here on the forum, I was able to finally make the tray icon appear. However, when I click on it, nothing happens (even though insync seems to be perfectly healthy, as reported by “insync get_status”). Here’s where it gets tricky:

If I install (K)StatusNotifierItem extension, I am able to interact with the icon, but instead of directly showing insync’s GUI as a pulldown menu, it shows a text pulldown menu instead, where the first option is “Open app window” (which is annoying); clicking on it makes the GUI appear at a random position (very annoying). If I remove the extension, GUI stops showing at all.

Some additional info:

  • I installed vanilla-gnome-desktop to have a pure GNOME experience
  • sni-qt is installed
  • libappindicator3-1 and libindicator3-7 are also installed; I cannot uninstall them because it would also uninstall a lot of packages, including vanilla-gnome-desktop
  • graphics card is an onboard Intel Sandybridge

Any help would be much appreciated.

Please implement proper GNOME support

Hey @Costa!

Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile: I’ll course this through our engineer and he’ll update you accordingly.


I had this, but I went to the site and downloaded an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS friendly version and installed it, and it came back to life just fine.


Hi @David_Pickett, thanks for the feedback. Could you please elaborate a little further? What version exactly did you download? The one targeted for 18.04 LTS (insync_1.4.9.37127-artful_amd64.deb) is the one I installed and is not working as expected.


Latest Insync to match 18.04 LTS.