Ubuntu 20.04 Insync 3.2.4 - no icon overlays, no OneDrive Shared Folders

New PC build - Ubuntu 20.4 and Insync 3.2.4.

  1. Using the standard Ubuntu 20.04 “Files” (3.36.3-stable) and the current Insync 3.2.4 deb install - I don’t get the normal overlays on the Google Drive and OneDrive folders.

  2. OneDrive Shared Folder view - gets stuck on “Insync is loading your files, this may take a few moments”. I waited overnight, it’s not happening…

Does anyone have any idea on either of these issues?

hi @falconapps,

What’s your file manager-- is it Nautilus? If so, please install the file manager integration package as instructed here.

Does the “Insync is loading your files” persist after re-installing Insync 3.2.4?

Thanks - I didn’t (but should have) realise it was an additional install for the Nautilus integrations - so that’s sorted.

Insync is still “loading your files” even after I’ve removed and reinstalled 3.2.4, This is a new computer, it as only had 3.2.4 on it.

On Shared Folder loading - I should add that while on the web, I have files in my “Shared Folders” - on my computer the Shared Folder is empty, and the green tick is on like they are in sync

Okay - sorted. I had to delete my OneDrive account, and re-add it.

I’ve rolled out this new machine and loaded all my Cloud Sync apps. They’ve all been straight forward except for Insync - but I guess it’s harder for you guys, dealing with clouds that are not your cloud. Kudos to you for making it possible at all :slight_smile:

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Awesome that you’ve got it sorted out @falconapps :slight_smile: Thank you for the kind words! Anytime you need help just let me know!