Ubuntu 20.10 Link Sharing not available in Nautilus menu

Client and Nautilus integration installed in Ubuntu 22.10 (Beta). Everything seems to work fine (Wayland & XORG) except for the ability to create a file-sharing link or view on the web option from within the file manager.

Hey @area51pilot! Let me confirm this with our engineer. Thanks for reporting!

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@area51pilot Just wanted to update here, just in case other people are looking for the solution:

This will be fixed in v3.8.2 :slight_smile:

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@mia … I performed a clean install of insync_3.8.2.50468-kinetic_amd64 & insync-nautilus_3.7.9.50368_all and the option for link sharing is still unavailable. Is there an update yet to be released fori insync-nautilus?

I tried this on 3 different systems.

Hi @area51pilot! Sorry for the trouble! Let me follow it up with our Linux engineer. Thank you for reporting!

@area51pilot Hey! Could you try updating insync-nautilus to v3.8.2?

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awesome! the options to view on the web and share are now available. :smiley:

thank you!

Woohoo! Thanks for the update @area51pilot - I appreciate it tons :slight_smile:

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