Ubuntu Server 14.04 Headless Setup Help

Hi All,
I have an Ubuntu server (headless) and would like to install insync to sync my google drive to this server.

Is there a guide as to how to install and configure insync on an headless server?

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@dratta Please try using the headless package from this page: https://www.insynchq.com/downloads. After installing you can run insync-headless add_account -h for help on how to add an account. For information on the other commands you could try any of the following:

Hi Ipugoy,
Thanks for the reply, is it possible to synchronise the files to a specific folder?
Are the files synced automatically?

What i would like to do is make a SAMBA share available that has my google drive synced via Insync.


Yes, that should be possible. After adding your account you make a symlink to your SAMBA share in your Insync folder and it will be synced to your Google Drive.

There’s a current issue though of some events on network drives not being caught. As a workaround you can run insync-headless force_sync /path/to/your/samba/share periodically.

Hi Ipugoy,
I got it all working, thanks.

One last thing, i purchased insync plus and am wondering how i upgrade from the trial version to my full version?


@dratta Restarting Insync should update your license automatically. You can get your license status by running insync-headless get_account_information. If it still shows that you’re in trial please tell us.

Is there a better Guide than this.

Someone needs to write a good Guide for Linux!