Udate date of .gd* files when remote file was updated


For some usage, it’s may be interresting to have an up-to-date date for .gd files.
If I want to write a rule to apply, when the remote file was updated, it’s not possible now, because the file date of .gd is not conform with the last date update of GDrive file.

Can you add this feature ?

Hi @pprados,

Can you let me know if what you meant was that both .gd and GDrive files should have the same timestamp? Do the contents of the .gd (when synced to your computer) match the contents of the online GDrive file after the remote changes were done?

Yes. Because, I the Gdoc was updated, I would to write a makefile to invoke some rules, only if a GDrive file was updated, but do nothing, if the file was not updated.

I maintain an export to Powerpoint for specific files. My root file was in GDrive. I want to know if must to export another time.