Unable to change preferences?

When initially downloading and setting up my sync preferences I was able to select folders/subfolders. Now I need to modify that and do not seem to be able to. In the forums I came across talk of a Preferences menu item in the system tray (by the way, glaring lack of online documentation). My system tray icon does not provide that item. As such, I am not able to modify whatever was initially set up.

Running Vista 64-bit.


@Ron_Hegel We have to investigate this issue. Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com

Also, please include the link of this forum post. Thank you. :smile:

When I right-click on the system tray icon, the only options are:

  • Pause syncing
  • Open [my google drive name]
  • Quit

When I open the system tray icon (left-click) Support Center is not listed there per the How To Find Log Files page you linked. I see:

Incoming Shares
Actions Required

I using v

Exactly the same issue as Ron_Hegel here, I’m keen to change my initial preferences but cannot find out how. Same version of Insync.

@Ron_Hegel @Manicmouse Please click on the heart icon. Let me know if this helps.

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To like the post? Sounds like a good fix for this issue.

Ahh… a heart icon (like the one for liking the post which is what I thought he meant as well :smile:) appears at the top of the window that opens when clicking on the system tray icon. There are tabs at the top that you can not see because it’s white on white (bax UX guys).

That did it and I can now locate logs. In fact, that’s where I can change my sync preferences! All set! Close the ticket (but open one about that UX)!


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That bar blends into the white browser background on the insynchq site! lol

Thanks for pointing out where the heart is…

Hey guys, I had the same problem here. You should know that your entire interface is complete unaccessible for a blind person. This means I have to have someone help me change these settings. Very frustrating and happy to discuss via phone to give more feedback. 614-519-3026

@Jeremy_Grandstaff We really appreciate your feedback. Please send you feedback to support@insynchq.com

BTW, we have updated the UI. :smile:
Thank you.