Unable to Install on Zorin Pro 16.3


I’m unable to install Insync on Zorin Pro 16.3.


Package: insync_3.8.6.50504-jammy_amd64.deb


Tried via apt also.!

Hello! I noticed that in the second screenshot (installing via APT), the build seems to be using Focal rather than Jammy.

Could you try Focal (Ubuntu 20.04)?

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Yeah, I tried and it’s working! Got the wrong information that Zorin 16.3 is based on Ubuntu 22.04. So, I used jammy!

Thank you!

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@akhil No worries! Actually, I find it interesting that if you search “Zorin 16.3 is based on…”, it says Ubuntu 22.04 :thinking: It’s probably worth asking our Linux team about this :grin:

But in any case, I’m glad that your setup’s working as expected. Yay! Let me know if you need anything else from me.