"Unexpected error doing AddCloudODItem:"

Hi there,

First off, I’d like to applaud Insync for stepping up where Dropbox refuses to move forward in. Namely the ignore rules. I feel like I can finally use cloud storage the way its meant to be used.

I’ve recently started using Insync and I’m slowly moving all my files from Dropbox to OneDrive.

Though I’m faced with an issue where I regularly get the “Unexpected error doing AddCloudODItem:” error message, which stops syncing from progressing. The offending items are in the sync queue, but are not being uploaded. Some times a reboot will work, but the error can be thrown for other files at some point.

Anything I can do to resolve or avoid this?

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May I know the complete error message you’re seeing?

Alsdo, kindly send your logs to support@insynchq.com so we can have a look.

I also have the AddCloudODItem Error for multiple files with one drive.

My error message is “Unexpected error doing AddCloudODItem: local variable ‘access_token’ referenced before assignment.”

I send a message with detailed info via the chat. Just wanted to flag it here, too.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see which file the error relates to. Of course it would be best if fixed. But in the mean time it would already help me to see which files are not synchronized due to the bug.

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Hi @ohnemax,

This error will be fixed in 3.0.28, which we’ll release this week. :slight_smile:

With 3.0.28, this turned into a “Unexpected error doing AddCloudODItem: unauthenticated: Authentication failed.” message.

(However, I can not confirm that there is the same error cause. But I still get some sort of AddCloudODItem errors.)

Hi @ohnemax,

If you haven’t sent the logs, could you do so to support@insynchq.com? :slight_smile: Please include a screenshot of the error message as well. To confirm, the access_token no longer shows up even as an expired token error?