Unicode normalization (NFC/NFD)?


macOS stores file names in a unicode encoding (NFD), which is different to the encofing other OSes like Windows use (NFC). Linux file systems, for example can use both encodings. These different encodings may lead to problems like double or invisible files when shared with Samba.

For compatibility reasons, it would be nice to have some sort of unicode normalization during upload on macOS (to NFC), maybe as configurable setting.

Rclone, for example, has 2 flags (–local-unicode-normalization and --no-unicode-normalization) to force unicode translating to NFC during upload or to force using the same encoding used on the file system.

So my question is, how does Insync handle unicode encoding? Will it just upload files with the same encoding as used by the file systems, or is some normalising happening in the background? If not, might a setting like this be an option for the upcoming releases?

Thank you.

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Hello! Let me check this with our engineer and I’ll update accordingly!

@Buhnie Apologies for not updating sooner! I will check once more with our team.

Thank you, @mia. I have the impression that this NFC/NFD dilemma is leading to a lot of duplicate “space 1” files (‘file.jpg’ uploaded as ‘file 1.jpg’).

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@Buhnie Thank you for patiently waiting!

Could you let us know what your use case is for further investigation?