Unsync but keep local copy?

Due to issues with ignore rules, I have some huge local directories with thousands of files that have partially synced to the cloud. I don’t want them in the cloud, but they are critical on my local drive. How can I fix this? If I choose to unsync those directories, it wants to keep them in the cloud and delete the local copies.

I’m using on Linux Mint.

I am also afraid of this and in need of a solution.

Hi @Bill_Kuhns,

Could you remind me what Ignore Rules you’ve set (that still led to the partial sync to cloud)?

I have many directories that have ‘rootfs’ in the name - vesta_3.1.1147.rootfs, vesta_3.1.1152.rootfs, and so on. They all contain disk images for embedded Linux systems. They each have thousands of files with different ownership and permissions. They have tons of symlinks, many of which are invalid when viewed from the development system.

I don’t want any of them to sync. I need them on our development workstation, but they don’t need to be on Google Drive.

Over time, I have tried every variation of ignore rules that I could imagine:


@Bill_Kuhns let me forward this to our engineers for further investigation. Thank you!

Hi again, @Bill_Kuhns!

Could you email us your logs.db file to support@insynchq.com and provide some details as to how these *.rootfs directories get created/accessed locally? Did you notice any errors related to syncing those directories or files within them?

Our engineer has also suggested some workarounds-- could you give this a try with one or a few of the problematic folders?

  • In Ignore Rules, have *.rootfs.
  • Move the partially-synced *.rootfs folder out of the sync folder. This should trigger the corresponding cloud folder to be deleted.
  • Wait for Insync to sync
  • Move the *.rootfs folder back to the desired location. Now it should be properly ignored.

If it still isn’t ignored, then please send the following files:

  • out.txt
  • data folder
  • live folder