Unsync file doesn't delete it from computer



Recently I unsync some large files on my linux machine and the insync app shows me a warning telling me that the file will be removed from this computer but it will remain in google drive. But after checking the location of the files in my machine, i see that they are still there.

insync 1.4.9
arch linux x64 (kde)


Are these files directly in the Insync/Google Drive top level folder or are they saved externally? I believe files are only locally deleted in the former case.


The files are inside a teamdrive. Inside the teamdrive are several folders and subfolder. I unsync some files that are inside this folders and subfolders.
Also, recently I have changed the default location of the my drive and teamdrive folders.


I also unsync a teamdrive that is in a personalized location. Same behaviour


Hey @nsanz,

Apologies for only getting back to you now. Unsyncing your files inside the Team Drive should delete the local files. Could you email us at support@insynchq.com with your log files and a link to this topic so our engineers can take a look at the issue? You can learn how to get your log files here.