Unusual Files uploaded as "zero bytes" just with their name


I’ve encountered a bug of some sort where for some reason, a new folder and files that I’ve made have uploaded as “zero bytes”, meaning, the png, xcf, and odt plus pdf of these files basically have no content uploaded in them, and as a result, they only have their name and their file format. Luckily, the files I’ve lost are not important in any regards, but this would be a serious issue if the formats of these files are lost during upload and replaced elsewhere and the original computer when syncing. Hope we can get this sorted quick!

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Hello All,

it appears it was just a one time thing with a specific folder, however, I am more than ready to provide the logs and appropriate files to makes sure that there is consistency in the sync process. This is also evident as other files had synced properly and I made a “test” file to sync between two computers

Hello, I’m reopening the issue. two new files have randomly lost all their data in it and have zero bytes as their size. I’ve disabled Inysnc as a precaution of preserving my data

Hi @Baland_Rabayah,

I see that you are in touch with a colleague regarding this issue. Are your files or drive encrypted by any chance before or during the upload?