Update repository for Ubuntu 18.10


I have changed my laptop to Ubuntu 18.10 dev preview. Insync is working finde, but if I’m running updates it raises a warning because the insync repo isn’t updatet to Ubuntu 18.10


Hey @Bohne13!

Thanks for the update and feedback. I’ll course this our engineers. :slight_smile:


Please, let a short note here on this short conversation. So we know if the new repo is working!

THANKS ! ! !


There is any news about Ubuntu 18.10 support?
I want to migrate to the new Ubuntu version and I need insync, can you share an update about the question?


I haven’t seen a repo update for 18.10, but it’s working fine with the last repo witch is mentioned on the official website of insync.


Tks for the answer
So you added the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/insync.list and it worked, right?

deb http://apt.insynchq.com/ubuntu cosmic non-free contrib


I can confirm that cosmic repo are up&working
Tks for your suggestion


Hi all,

Thanks for this, it works for me also. Have you been able to get insync-nautilus integrations to work? For me it did not work with the above repo. Where can I find that file?


Hi @Markus_Larsson

You can find the file on our downloads page. Just click on the Linux logo and click the “Packages” tab. :slight_smile:


And then what?
Can you please provide more descriptive info…

Not enjoying your support right now.