Updating file's timestamp doesn't get synced to Google Drive


Updating a file’s timestamp doesn’t get synced to Google Drive leading to inconsistency between local and cloud states.

Steps to reproduce (Linux command line):

  1. echo “Hello” > hello.txt # Creates a new file with the mtime T, uploads it to Google Drive with “modification time” set to T
  2. sleep 300 # Wait 5 minutes
  3. echo “Hello” > hello.txt # Or ‘touch hello.txt’ = update the file without changing its contents.
  4. Wait a few moments for the change to get synced and check the file’s “modification time” on drive.google.com . The file’s “modification time” on Google Drive is still set to T instead of T+5 minutes.

Ubuntu Linux, insync v3.2.1.40839


any news on this bug?

Hello, any progress here?