Upgraded to Insync 3 - HORRIBLE cpu usage

I upgraded my two Google drive accounts and 1 onedrive account, and everything is synced.

But the CPU usage is HORRIBLE. It’s showing regularly like 25%, slowing down my entire system. What is going on? It wasn’t occurring with 1.5.x.

Thank you

Hi @DaCappy!

So sorry for the trouble! :frowning: Can you confirm what your OS and Insync versions are?

Did you re-use your 1.5.x folder when you upgraded to Insync 3?

I did reuse, but it’s all synced now. I still regularly get 25% or so CPU usage and the disk is constantly running.

Fedora 30

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Thanks for the update, @DaCappy! Can you send your logs to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post? :slight_smile: We’ll investigate what’s causing the spike in CPU usage.

To confirm, Insync is now running without any major syncing activities right?