Upload and delete local file, download and delete GD files... and so on


Imagine you have a laptop with limited memory space and you have project files from a finished project. You just drop the “Project Folder” into the “upload and delete folder”. (It automatically syncs the folder and deletes the local files) And you are good to go for your next project…
Back home on your Desktop you have a just “Download only folder” and when you come home all you files are already there waiting for you. You can freely move the files on your Desktop (and also in the cloud storage.) Without having being careful what gets (re-) synced (Remeber–> Download only :wink: no sync)… You have total control :blush:

There is a great Android App from MetaCtrl called Autosync Google Drive that does all this…

I record audio with my Smartphone (be careful to be in airplane mode!!). After I’m done all I do is turn off the Airplane mode and the rest is done automatically (upload and then delete local files). I don’t have to worry to run out of memory…
Now imagine that on you PC!!! = Awesome!!

There you have all the mentioned options :smile: could you include them in Insync :heart_eyes:

Up- and Download
only Upload
upload and delete
upload copy
download only
download and delete
donwload copy

If those features already exist, my apologies and hint me please in the right direction. Thank you all!



Hi there, so in a sense, the machine just acts as a mediator between your files and the cloud? :smile: thank you for this, we will be looking into this.

Have a good day :smile:


This seems old… But it is needed even more nowadays! Please include this function!


I found a litte software that can do “upload only” and “upload and then delete local file”
Can this functionality be added to insync?

The challenge I run into, I want to be able to delete files in the cloud, and have a “backup” on the local hard drive. (One way mirror aka download only) Basically have http://spanning.com/ “runnung” on your local machine. (This is a cloud to cloud backup solution, with file versioning. That means if I delete a file in google drive, the file is still in the spanning.com backup “forever”). :slight_smile:

“Autosync Google Drive” Functions (+ “OneWaySyncForGDrive” Functions) = Awsome Insync


Not a lot happening here. Time to look for something else as the requirement to free laptop disc is pretty basic.


Hi there! I would also like to have this feature, which I really need urgently. Regarding new data privacy laws, it would be nice to have everything safe in drive, but not anymore on the syncing computer.

Thank you!


My use case would benefit greatly from a “download only” mode.

Such a mode could also be known as a “never delete from Drive” mode. It could also be considered “read-only” to pull from a Google folder, but to not edit that folder myself in any way.

I want to watch a Google Drive folder, such that any new content appearing in drive will be downloaded to my laptop. But any time I make a local deletion, I need for the Insync app to ASSUME that it was an ACCIDENT. I never want any action that I commit on my laptop to result in a deletion on Drive.

After Insync assumes that my deletion was accidental, many reasonable responses are possible:

  • Insync could try to re-download the file immediately.
  • Insync could prompt me to choose a remedy under “actions required”.
  • Insync could assume I have selectively stopped watching that file.

I don’t have a strong preference for choosing the response to my “always presumed accidental” deletions. I simply wish to avoid Google-side deletions at all costs.


Hey @pestophagous!

Thanks for the feedback! If I understood correctly, you want to be able to sync a file (thus downloading it) and delete it locally afterwards but not deleting it on Google Drive? If that’s the case, you can simply unsync the file to delete the local copy but keep the copy on your Google Drive. Hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts. :slight_smile: