Use insync to sync an online folder


Hello! So I’d like to share my situation with you all:

Let’s say that I have a huge folder data in the cloud that it’s not possible to put into my local machine due to its size. Is there a way to setup an online sync folder in my local machine and it will only put that data in my google drive? And then use insync to whatever file I wanted to check offilne?

Thanks for the attention!



Insync supports selective sync, if that’s what you’re looking for.


What I mean is like a filestream. So you have your folder online and you can download whatever files you want into your local machine. Just like Drive File Stream for Mac versions you know? I was if there is something similar to thins in Linux. I thought Insync was the way to go but it seems to be only a two-way sync tool…


Right, Insync doesn’t have this.

You may consider using rclone mount.


Yes. Do you if with rclone mount the data will be locally placed or is it an “online” mount?


It’s a virtual filesystem similar to how Drive File Stream works.


Thanks for the input, @Hawk! :slight_smile:

Hey @Bernardo! As what @Hawk said, you can selectively sync your folder to Google Drive with Insync to store it in the cloud. You can then unsync your folder with Insync to delete it locally while still having it available in Google Drive. If you want to access a file from the folder locally, go to Insync and sync the file you want to open so that it becomes available offline.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi @Hawk and @Gregory! Thanks for the info.

@Hawk, can you confirm that rclone mount it’s indeed a virtual mount and it won’t be place in my local storage?

@Gregory, I’m aware of that select sync, but the problem is in a situation where I have a 2TB folder (really exaggerating but anyway…), I can’t put this in my local storage. I need to transfer to google drive directly…so in that case it doesn’t work putting in my local storage, sync to google drive, and then unsync that folder in my local machine. Do you what I mean?

Thanks again both of you for the help!


Yes. It’s a virtual mount.

In Insync, you don’t have to select an entire folder top level folder when using selective sync. You can select a smaller subfolder, or even just a single file.


Thanks Hawk! I’m willing to use rclone mount then.

Yes. I’m aware of that. But the problem is transferring from my cluster to my local machine as there won’t be enough space available. It would be wonderful if we had an option to transfer directly to google drive or this virtual mount like rclone mount…as long it doesn’t affect the local storage. Then I can play around with the that…syncing whatever I want.