Use Insync v3 to Backup Google Drive (My Drive)?

Ok, so I know that in a sense, Google Drive (My Drive) is already backed up to the cloud. However, deletions, changes, etc are synced almost instantaneously. Should I be doing a 1-way sync backup of My Drive using Insync? If so, do I simply add the hard-drive folder that syncs with My Drive to an Insync backup?

Also, do Insync v3 backups offer any kind of file/folder version management? For example, could I restore a folder from 3 weeks ago?

Hey @Jeff_S :slight_smile:

It depends what would want for your setup - do you not want your local files to be instantaneously synced to whatever changes happen in the cloud (or maybe even the other way around)?

Also, for backups - yes you can restore through the folder management. Just click “Restore” (backup UI guide here) and then double-click the main folder to expand the selection :slight_smile:

I do want instantaneous backups.

Thanks for that link to the “Restore” procedures. However, I don’t see any kind of version management available. What if I deleted or changed a file today, but need to restore it from 3 weeks ago? Is this possible?

I see! The sync is continuous and instantaneous so as long as Insync is running. Please note that “sync” and “backup” are used differently on Insync.

It looks like a 1-way Local Selective Sync would suit your needs to protect your local copies from instantaneous changes on the cloud. Here’s how: – in particular, check the “Sync Local to Cloud” section.

For the Backup feature specifically, it only restores the latest version that Insync backed up.