Use on two systems at once

Good Morning.

Current OS version: Windows 10 e Ubuntu 19.10
Current Insync version: Version - The last

I have been using your software for a while.
I have the following scenario here on my notebook:
Windows and Linux installed, the Google Drive and OneDrive files are on an NTFS partition.
I want to install the Insync client on Windows and Linux to keep sync across all operating systems.

For Linux, can the Insync client sync to an NTFS partition?

Another question, can the Insync client have access to Google Photos?

I would like to purchase one more license for use with OneDrive. Old customer does not have a special discount?

Thank you very much in advance,

For your first question: Yes, this is possible! You can use the hover feature (cloud selective sync) on the app.

As for your second question, for now no. The feature seems to be a Backup and Sync specific feature and is not available on the API of Google Drive.

You can purchase via your dashboard to get 10% off! If you want an extra 15% send your invoice over to with the link to this post so I can refund the extra 15%.


Good Morning.
I’ll do some tests.
Thank you very much

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