Using insync with a vpn


I have been using insync on my debian/12.2/bookworm system for a while now, and am basically happy with it. It keeps both a google drive, and a onedrive synced as I specified, and I have gained confidence that it works as expected, and syncs when changes occur on either side.

What I am interested in now is using a vpn with insync running. I am presently using a protonvpn subscription (not free) and the insync is behaving differently, and I am not sure if it is working correctly. It seems when the vpn is active, the insync blinks regularly as if it is on/off continuously and not just on all the time.

What is the general expectations of insync with a vpn running. Do you need to start insync before or after you start the vpn?

Hi @freelsjd! Could you open Insync and disable the setting shown below? Afterwards, restart Insync.

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Yes. That seems to behave as expected now. That makes sense actually. The usage data probably not able to be sent with the vpn enabled.

BTW. Not an employee or compensated in any way from proton, but this new version of protonvpn that has been released for linux is working much better than the previous version. Great addition to the proton suite.


Glad to hear it’s sorted out!

And thank you for the product plug!!