Using same shared folder for windows and linux (ubuntu)


Hello Guys,

I am trying the following setup:

  • Run insync on linux

  • Run google drive client on windows

  • Use exact same folder on harddrive for both

It seems to me that insync takes way to long to scan for changes when I run it in linux. Data on our Google Drive Account is ~60GB.

Might this issue be resolved by using 2 different folders/drives for win and linux, or is it just the amount of data which takes insync to scan for ~1hour and then show syncing when the folder is actually up-to-date (according to the win google drive client)?

…or could it be an idea to use insync for win as well instead of the google drive client?

Thanks for any clues to solve this issue,
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Shared folder for dual-boot system
Shared folder for dual-boot system

I will be tagging our engineers @dipesh and @lpugoy in this and they will get back to you on the week of Jan 4-8, thanks!

It will be best for you not to use the Google Drive client and Insync at the same time to avoid issues.

Also, please note that initial sync takes a while but the succeeding syncs after that will be much quicker :smile:


@Phil_hr: Using the same physical folder with both the clients is not supported and is known to cause conflicts & leads to duplicates. You can’t use the same physical folder with more than 1 Insync instance either as of now.

So you will have to use two separate folders - one for your Insync instance on linux and the other for your Google Drive/Insync instance on Windows.



Is this now possible if Insync is used on both Windows and Linux using the same shared folder with Insync File Matching. (Unlike the Original Poster here, who wanted to use Google Drive on Windows and Insync on Ubuntu).

File Matching - File Matching is here! (New Insync version: 1.3.0) “Insync will now try to match your local (in your filesystem) and remote (in Google Drive) files to avoid duplicates and unnecessary uploads and downloads.”


Hello @Rob_Davis, sorry, we still don’t support using a single Insync folder for multiple running instances of Insync. Thanks for your feedback.


@marte any updates or planned support?